Healing ReALIGNed

In watching the Oprah show yesterday, which involved a discussion with Geneen Roth on her new book Women, Food, and God, I have been reminded of a concept that I am a strong believer in.   And this is that unease in our lives is a representation of a disconnection, or misalignment, between how we are living our lives, and our highest selves.

It is a question of alignment.  If we look at the word HEALING, we can play with the letters to find within a not-so-secret answer to the question of how we can heal;  I ALIGN.  Many times, it is our disconnection that takes us away from health and happiness. 

Whenever there is a place in our lives that feels out of sorts, it is likely a question of misalignment between our highest truth, and the way in which we are living our lives.  Many times, we fear feeling the pain of our past or current situations, so we close ourselves off, and connect negatively with other things such as food, body image, work, or relationships to try to feed the void.  However, this doesn’t make anything better, because in addition to the original issues, now there are a slew of consequences and pain associated with the destructive behaviors.

Oprah notes from reading Roth’s book that for women (and men), “The issue isn’t really the food.  It is about your disconnection from that which is real which we call God.”  Roth says that the God in the title is not one in the religious sense.  She notes, “We each have this longing—we’ve had moments of awe and wonder in our lives.  A lot of us don’t call that God, but we know that something is possible for every one of us besides our daily lives…”

When we experience these times of wonder, it is a sure sign that we are not only aligned with something higher, but that we are intimately present to witness ourselves in the moment.  It does take courage, but when we choose to live from a place in which we are true to ourselves, this is how we align and heal.  Here is where we find what best serves us, which in turn allows us to serve others.


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Isabel Martin-Ventura. Energy Healing Practitioner | Author | Spiritual Life Coach | Workshop Facilitator. Intuitive and practical. Helping individuals heal, connect and consciously create an authentic life of greater meaning, purpose and joy. Conscious life coaching and readings via phone, Skype or Facetime. In person energy healing/reiki sessions in Oyster Bay, Huntington, Glen Cove, Long Island, NY, and Astoria, Queens, NYC. Personal development workshops in Long Island and New York City, NY.
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