Why Have an Energy Treatment

Energy TreatmentEverything is energy, including us, and we are affected by everything we do, think, feel, as well as the relationships we have and the environment that surrounds us.

There are many energy techniques that aim at bringing healing and balance by improving on the state of our energy field.  Reiki is one of these healing modalities.  Many agree Reiki helps them feel less stressed and more relaxed.  Just one session can have a positive effect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, bringing clarity and a greater sense of peace.

The Individual Session

A typical session unfolds in a nurturing and relaxing environment, and is meant to establish a sense of balance, calm, and clarity. An energetic connection is made, and the energetic field is worked to clear out blocks, and assist in the movement of energy that may be congested or depleted.

Information may come in intuitively to guide the direction of the session, and these messages will be relayed if the individual is open to receiving.  Offices in Oyster Bay, NY at the Blue Water Spa, http://www.bluewaterspany.com/reiki/  and Glen Cove, Long Island.

Long Distance Sessions

Long distance sessions, via telephone or SKYPE, may be effective, and can help to bring clarity and energetic balancing when dealing with emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

For questions or to make an appointment contact me:


image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net/marin

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