Isabel Martin-Ventura is a naturally gifted coach with whom I participated in a series of career coaching sessions.  Isabel brought a wide range of experience and skills to the coaching process, remaining spontaneous and flexible while keeping  me focused and on target to meet my goals. Isabel has the insight and tools to examine and clear unconscious blocks  in order to move forward in one’s life.  If you are seeking a talented, resourceful and supportive coach then I highly recommend that you contact Isabel Martin-Ventura!~ Carrie, Pleasantville, NY

She has helped me get through some very difficult times and her treatments have made me emotionally stronger.  The insight has helped me to change and given me direction.  Nunzio, NYC, NY

Under Isabel’s gentle guidance and teaching, I asked questions of myself, conjured up past experiences and examined (through writing) my life and why I am wired the way I am, not to judge the findings, simply to identify them.  She has truly been given the gift of intuition, teaching and primarily healing.  ~ Helen,  Astoria, NY

I can’t sleep on my side, the pain is really intense, but after a session the pain is completely gone for several months. ~ Tara, Long Island, NY

I had issues but wasn’t honest enough to admit and confront them. Sometimes I may have missed the essence of what was really troubling me, only looking at so trivial things. Isabel helped me see them with a broader view, so I could see a big picture and realize what is really important to me. Her coaching is so compassionate yet logical. Her intuition helped me find answers to my questions in life and to move forward to make the change. I am so grateful for her persistence and for truly engaged devotion to our coaching sessions. I am now so much more confident in coping and challenging what lies ahead because I am clear about my life purpose. Thank you!  Min-joo, South Korea

She is a gifted healer and intuitive.  Healings have been life-changing for me on so many levels.  Her workshops are a must.  They are an opportunity to travel inward and end up in a higher place.  They are enlightening, fun, an opportunity to connect to my true self and others and to see myself and my life in a new light, healing, heart-opening experience, an opportunity to connect body, mind and spirit.  You go home with a new perspective.           ~ Maria,  NYC, NY


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